We are Burgers Tacos Wings & Seafood. We have been serving our best food. We invite you to come and relax, unwind, and take in the beautiful sights as our best gourmet expert prepares a delectable dinner using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Burgers Tacos Wings & Seafood was created for the general public and has evolved into a blend of exquisite chic and modern fine charge. Our best and only purpose is to serve the best fast food with an amazing service. Because best service always enhances the taste of the food and good food always brightens up the mood.

Burgers Tacos Wings & Seafood offers the best fast food. Currently we are based in Merrick Blvd, Jamaica New York. Apart from burgers and tacos our menu offers different kind of Seafood such as Fish Sandwich, Shrimps and Fish Combo as well as everyone’s favorite Fish and Chips. Our menu also offers different kinds of American Classic Burgers, Signature Sliders, Classic Sauced and Plain Fried wings with a twist Signature Sliders, Handcrafted Tacos. Beside these foods we also offer various kind of homemade drinks and fresh juice to cheer up your day.

At Burgers Tacos Wings & Seafood, customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. Without a doubt, this is not the way we live where our customers do not get their favorite food with a great taste. We don’t make do with anything less than delicious food around here. In addition, we don’t simply sign in. Not when we can also become our best selves, make friends, and have a nice time while we’re at it. We’re a fast food chain that doesn’t take up much room. Simply giving out good food is enough for us. It is our top priority to make people happy and to fulfill their hunger.

At Burgers Tacos Wings & Seafood, we offer various kind of combination of fast food. Our fast food is of high quality, which sets us apart from the competition. Also apart from the competition what distinguishes us, is the consistency of our key ingredients. We always make sure to use the fresh ingredients for each and every food item. We’re committed to serving fresh food, no matter how much it means going above and beyond. When you walk through our doors, we do all we can to make everyone feel welcome, given that our family extends across your neighborhood. Additionally, we offer different kind of discount services, birthday specials, gift cards, different food coupons for our customers. Whether it’s a unique occasion, a laid-back social gathering of friends, or a sentimental night out on the town, we’ll most likely have outstanding client service, high-quality fixings, and a memorable occasion.

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At Burgers Tacos Wings & Seafood, we are a friendly restaurant with best quality of fast food in New York. Here we always try to maintain an excellent administration and fun atmosphere where locals and visitors comes frequently and enjoy their time. It a place where you can visit and enjoy you good food and lovely environment. 

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